Tatyana Hurynovich

Tatyana Hurynovich, born in 1989 in Molodechno (Belarus). "I had been going to art school in Molodechno for 9 years, but later I decided to study Political Science. In 2012 I was graduated from European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania), Bachelor degree in "Political science and European Studies". 
For a while I worked as a freelance journalist. I was published in a scientific online magazine, a partner of the University of Sorbonne (Paris). I also have several journalism awards.
But .. In spring 2013 I started to paint with oil.. How to work with oil I learned myself. I posted my first painting (landscape) on facebook and I got an invitation for exhibition in Ukraine and I sold this painting. Since then I felt really inspired by art, I created more artworks, I started to work in different styles (in pencil, watercolor: portraits, abstraction). I have experience of participating in international exhibitions -- in London, Miami, Paris ("Carrousel du Louvre" art fair in Louvre!! (that was my dream)). My artworks were collected by private collectors in 8 countries.
Now I like to try new styles in art. I choose the themes of the paintings by inspiration. Now my main series of works - a series of queens, inspired by the models in crowns Dolce Gabbana. Now I create imaginary queens, adding a certain symbolism, like a three-leafed clover (for luck), lemons (life as a lemonade, not a lemon), inscriptions (what I want the picture to broadcast). 
I want to show in my art beauty of life. I want my paintings to inspire to live a beautiful life and energize people. I have a certificate of ThetaHealing practitioner and through the practice of Theta Healing I charge my artworks with love, light and inspiration. 
Any painting and drawing carries a powerful energy charge and I want the energy of my paintings to be creative.