Sofia Cianciulli

Sofia is a multidisciplinary artist based in London and New York.
Combining her graphic design background with body art and technology,
she produces work that can range between performance, painting and

She will be graduating from Central Saint Martins this summer and so far
she has exhibited at Ugly Duck, Tate Exchange, Apiary Studios,
Seventeen and Lethaby Gallery.

Her work investigates the value of the female body in an
hyperconnected and commodified society and how this contradicts a
well established feminist agenda.
Using her body as an art object she allows herself to become the
subject. Her art practice is a self-reflexive project, and her personal
experience with woman-hood is at its core.

As a millennial, her reality is influenced by the post-feminist media age,
and her work responds with absolute transparency to narrative
conventions, determining conclusions about how identity is converted
into economic capital.

The ideology of post-feminism deliberately provokes a response to
feminist theory, inviting a critical approach towards the contradictions
and deficiencies of its work. Labelled as ‘post’, it also suggest that
feminist theories are no longer relevant as equality, amongst other
rights, has been achieved.

But what if equality wasn’t the final destination?

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