Riccardo Carnaghi


R I C C A R D O    C A R N A G H I

Riccardo Carnaghi, born in 1993 in Legnano, is an artist and Architect. He got his Masters Degree in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano.
Determining in the decision to start the path of art was the architectonic education, subject that he has always felt very close since when he was at high school of arts.
Architecture is art, but could it be also painting? Is it possible that these two kind of art can meet at some point where they translate each other? Riccardo’s works can be defined as research and analytic investigation of proper shapes of architecture through human body figures. They can be considered also as the ideal pursuing of that tradition that from Vitruvio to Leon Battista Alberti, from Leonardo da Vinci to Le Corbusier, has always tried to find shapes and proportions related to the human body to make the aestethic research connected to architecture growing through this knowledge.
His works, some of them have been already showed in private international collections, are strongly related to the figurative language in homage to the great artists of the modern movement. For a period, his research deals more intensively for the decomposition of the human figure, to the reaches of shapes apparently hidden but then useful in the design phase. Indeed the structure of these figures tends towards a stylisation. Some rectangles that yearn on the canvas surface, materialise and connect bodies to the space indissolubly. In the same way the architectures that so much arouse
the artist, act and are related to the context in which they rise.