Petronilla HohenwARTer


Simplicity versus Complexity

My visual "fingerprint" unfolds in the ratio of how a person changes individually and collectively in the overall context of society. The Artwork - experienced as a constant reflection of the past, the present and the future.

Back to our Roots
> Nowadays Mankind's Awareness and the longing for ethical Values is steadily increasing

It is the natural antithesis to the complexity associated with global expansion, industrial, technological and economic development - and the resulting exploitation of ecological resources. Hierarchical and power struggles, as well as manipulation, are still narcissistic attitudes and the result - postmodern slavery in the 21st century. I question the human system and, associated with it, the personality structure with regard to dogmas, hierarchies, ideologies and intentions - transformed and projected in visual form.

In my understanding, ART is the purest form of universal ENERGY and is transformed into a visual expression by an artist individually
The Artist is the Vessel to express and visualize the Unknown, the hidden space of the divine

Since 1998 I have been working as an artist in the field of painting, drawing and printmaking. To date works of art has been created in series & in collections.

My Signature develops cyclically informal. My work of creation is based on Energy, it leads and shapes my art. It is the driving force and the expression of energy which is visible in every work of art by the brushstroke through the colour, the lines and structure. That natural force takes up space and expands. It's my hidden space where I create the art as I do. I am the Vessel and the artworks represent this FORM-giving process, the transformation + it ́s energy conservation from the one- to three-dimensional object up to the multimedia room installation.

Petronilla Hohenwarter, 16. June 2019


1965 born in Germany.
I am a permanent resident with an Art Studio in Bavaria.
Since 1998 I have been working as an artist full-time, painting and drawing.
To date, my works of art have been created in series & in collections.
My Artwork is shown and sold nationally, internationally both independently and with Galleries.

1983-1986 Study at the Academy of Social Education, Passau, Germany
1987-1997 Employment as Social Worker for Children, Youth and Adults, Bavaria, Germany
1995-1997 Additional Training TIRA, Traumatic Incident Reduction Association, Munich, Germany
1997-2000 Art Student at the Art Faculty UNS, Surakarta, Indonesia, SEA
1997-2002 further Training and Seminars in Painting and Print Graphic in Europe and Indonesia


2014 CULTURE AWARD of the Kulturverein FRG e.V., Germany
2005 HONORATION of the Government of Lower Bavaria for the Work Series Existence of Universe
2003 1. PRICE of the ABSTRACTA at Gallery Art Point Black, Florence, Italy
2002 DEBUTANTES AWARD | Ministry of Science, Research, Art Munich for the Series IN TOUCH