Marta Urosa

Since the beginning of my artistic practice, I have been creating pieces with a strong self-referential character. They are, mostly, linked to the reality that I live in. Paintings become vehicles, not just for expression of emotions, but for decoding life and delivering my points of view. The work has consequently acquired therapeutic sense for me. The works are made in mixed media technique: acrylic paint, collage, as well as objects and materials from my everyday experience. The result, moves away from “pure” painting and becomes more of an object than a surface. Regarding the size, I work in small format because it gives me a sense of intimacy. I call the pieces “paintings for a little room “ I am interested in creating visually poetic pieces with a high degree of symbolism.

University Complutense Madrid. Degree in Fine Arts (5 years).Main
Subject: Painting.

2017 Real state Encuentro.Madrid.Spain

2016 “Shipwreck”, Culture House José Peris Aragó.Alboraya-

2010 “Paintings for a little room”.Sol St Gallery,
Santander, Spain.

2000 “Abierto/Open”. Espacio F Gallery. Mercado de
Fuencarral, Madrid, Spain.


2017 “the hidden side of the moon”. Alternative art of the
90 ́s, Gallery CENTROCENTRO, Madrid, Spain.

2009/8 Rebbeca Hossack Gallery, Londres.

2007 “Art For Youth”, Mall Galleries, London.

2005/6 ”Arts Unwrapped”, Great Western Studios,London.

2003/2 Apart Gallery, London.


1999 “Salón de Otoño”; Painting, Casa de Vacas, Madrid.

1998 “Certamen Jóvenes Creadores”; Comic,Centro Cultural del
Conde Duque, Madrid.

1997 “Degradable”; Video, Galeria Rekalde, Bilbao.


Alboraya Common Council Collection (Valencia)
Fine arts Collection, University Complutense de Madrid.