Jeff Mendes

Born and living in São Paulo, (Brazil), Jeff Mendes is a self-taught artist. His works are based on his gift, research, study and his perception of human behaviour, on the intrinsic and constant transformation so present in our species. This process began in his personal research, where questions about actions coming from contemporary culture had a direct influence on the unfolding of his works. In this research, the artist affirmed that regardless of the natural curve of evolutionary ascension in our species, with apparently immutable patterns, such as: expression and socialisation, transformation continues to be present not only as an individual object but also as a "plural" object, Altering what is around. From this view, the slopes of the base of this work took different forms, separated and presented almost always by series. His works are elaborated with diverse materials, among them, the cardboard, plastics (pet), wood, clay, plasticine and resin. The platforms used by the artist are segmented between drawings, paintings, sculptures, murals, urban interventions among other formats. His work has a strong relationship with all this moment of global transformation, from the raw material used to the concept expressed in each work, which causes in the viewer an awakening of consciousness about the species itself. Jeff Mendes constantly reshapes his creations, following the direction of his research, always on a rising curve.



"A classic in the contemporary" - Study and research for project development - SESC Campo Limpo - São Paulo / Brazil


 Mural - creation and production - Agencia Trunfo.

 Fauna Brasileira - Sculptural production with recyclable materials - Onça - SESC Campo Limpo.

 LiquiformTOYS - Blue Amphoric Exhibition - Installation of sculpture used in the urban intervention of 2015 - SESC Campo Limpo - São Paulo / SP


 LiquiformTOYS - Public Art Intervention - 8 months project - Creation and production of two (2) large sculptures, with 100% recyclable materials - Installation at Praça Benedito Calixto and Largo da Batata - Pinheiros - São Paulo / Brazil.


 Public Art Intervention #homemursonapaulista (Bear Man in Paulista Avenue) - Sculpture installation in public space - Av.Paulista - São Paulo / Brazil

 Curator of the exhibition "First Strokes" - Espaço Cultural Encena - São Paulo / SP - 10/03/2014 - 10/13/2014


 HandMANDE 4 - Collective Exhibition - Cloud Gallery - São Paulo / SP - 12/28

 Feira Parte de Arte Contemporanea (Art Fair) - Nuvem Gallery - São Paulo / Brazil

 SP-Arte - São Paulo International Art Fair - Nuvem Gallery - 04 / 04-07 / 04

 Collective "Painted Sound Show" - Flower Pepper Gallery - California / USA - 01/26


 Feira Parte de Arte Contemporanea (Art Fair) - Nuvem Gallery - São Paulo / Brazil

 "I do not know if it's beautiful, but I like it" - Collective PH: - Shows Cultural Space Encena - 09 to 24/11 - São Luis Garden Culture Factory Show - 27 to 02/12 - Show Educational Action - 07 to 21/12