Born and raised in Moscow, Russia
Since the age of 9, when graffiti culture had become more structured and developed in Russia, Aist became interested in underground world of graffiti and through years was represented in 4 different graffiti crews. Later he started studying in Moscow art school where he received the top results in illustration/graphics/patterns, which influenced his artistic style.
In 2014 , he moved to London where with the influence of the street art started developing his career as an artist and continued making graffiti and street art. Because of the strict visa regulations and lack of influence he hides his real identity as most of the street art is not legal in the UK. The AIST pseudonym comes from Russian “Аист” meaning “Stork”.
In his paintings a wide variety of materials and techniques are used, such as acrylic paint, spray paint, stencils, fluorescent paint, old rare comics, pages from books, newspapers and resin.
The main range of paintings are based on the comics-weapons theme where the superpowers of fictional heroes meet the only power of regular humans – weapons.